Legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies Studios along with nationalistic film-maker and producer Kamini Dube, Bombay Talkies Foundation, Vishwa Sahitya Parishad, Aazaad Federation, World Literature Organization and the first nationalist Megastar Aazaad made the first film in history of Indian cinema which gives insights about life and thoughts of the greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad. His thoughts were like the flames of fire and acts were deadly blasts. The forgotten hero return back from the darkness, created by selfish politics to the silver screen as the daring and dynamic protagonist of all time created by writer, director, actor and India's new Sanatani Nationalist Megastar Aazaad. The nationalistic flavour – colour – nature combination of the movie is a continuation of what he has been portraying in his earlier movies. While his earlier movies had element of nationalism, Rashtraputra showcased the reality, the lesser known facts of the greatest revolutionary, Chandrashekhar Azad.


Azad was not only the commander – in – chief of Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (HSRA) but an unmatched mentor, friend – philosopher – guide of over two thousand and five hundred revolutionaries of HSRA like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar, Bhagwaticharan Vohra, Durga Bhabhi, Batukeshwar Dutt, Madanlal Dhingra, etc. In the true sense of meaning Chandrashekhar Azad was the supreme force of the bloodstained revolutionary freedom movement of India. In this film Rashtraputra we have shown that Azad is a timeless cinematic creation. He was, He is and he will be the relevant hero of all time. Time changes but the problems remain the same in different looks. What would Azad do, how he would react if he was alive today? He would be the same motivational force for today’s youth as he was in his lifetime.


Rashtraputra described as a great motivational movie with high voltage drama and entertainment values for the youth as well as the enlightened audience of twenty first century. Movie Rashtraputra is based on life and thoughts of Chandrashekhar Azad and also a tribute to all those forgotten heroes of freedom movement and to all those revolutionaries who didn't earned the fame they deserved viz.  Mangal Pandey (Indian rebellion of 1857), Balwant Vasudev Phadke (Indian independence activist), Krantiveer Lahuji Raghoji SalveKhudiram Bose (Bengali-Indian revolutionary), Rani Lakshmi Bai (Indian Rebellion of 1857), Chapekar Brothers (Assassination of W. C. Rand), Rash Behari Bose (Indian Independence Movement, Ghadar Revolution, Indian National Army, Jugantar), Aurobindo Ghosh (Alipore Bomb Case), Barindra Kumar Ghosh (Alipore Bomb Case, Jugantar),  Jatindra Nath Das (Lahore Conspiracy Case), Bagha Jatin alias Jatin Das Mukherjee (German Plot during World War I), Ullaskar Dutta (Alipore Bomb Case), Hemu Kalani (Mahatma Gandhi's Quit India movement),  Udham Singh (Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar), Subhash Chandra Bose (the Commander in Chief and founder of Azad Hind Faujand many more. 


And also tribute to the activists of Kakori Conspiracy and closest associates of greatest revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad (The prime activists of Kakori Conspiracy) viz. Ramprasad Bismil, Ashafakulla Khan, Roshan SinghFaninder Nath Ghosh, Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee, Keshab Chakravarty, Murari Lal Gupta (fake name of Murari Lal Khanna), Mukundi Lal (Mukundi Lal Gupta), Banwari Lal, Rajendra LahiriManmath Nath Gupt and Sachindra Bakshi.

Rashtraputra is written, directed and acted by Sanatani Nationalist Megastar, Aazaad, who has been introduced by the legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies StudiosAazaad and his forefathers hail from the holy city of Kashi i.e Varanasi (Banaras) which is mythologically known as the city of Lord ShivaAazaad is a great devotee of Lord Shiva although he is born and bought up in the city of Mumba Devi, City of dreams and the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Megastar Aazaad an alumnus of Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, which was founded by Dr. B.S. Moonje who founded RSS along with Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and others in 1925. In 1935, Dr. B.S. Moonje established the Central Hindu Military Education Society at Nashik with the aim of 'Indianisation' of the army (Indian Defense) and started 'Bhonsala Military School' in 1937. Dr. B.S. Moonje also was the All India President of the Hindu Mahasabha from 1927 until he handed over the charge to Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in 1937.

At the very nascent age of the cinema Rajnarayan Dube's Bombay Talkies was born in India when other contemporary film companies of the world such as Warner Bros. EntertainmentUniversal Pictures20th Century FoxParamount Pictures were born and brought up to create cinematic magic for the world audience, but Bombay Talkies (under the command of Girish Ghanshyam Dube), is the only premiere film company which has made charismatic comeback and repeating its old pride and glory after sixty-three years of utter darkness.


The legendary film company, The Bombay Talkies Studios was formed in 1934 by the Pillar of Indian CinemaRajnarayan Dube along with Himanshu Rai & Devika Rani. Under the command of Rajnarayan DubeBombay Talkies had Produced 115 films like Achhut Kannya, Kismet, BandhanMahalJhoolaJeevan NaiyaNeel KamalBaadbaan, Daag, Majboor, Drishtidan (Bengali), Janmbhoomi, Izzat, Prem Kahani, Punarmilan, Aawaz, Pratima, Raj Mahal, Apnapan, Anyaya, Roti, Farar, Ziddi, Mashal, Azad, Jwar Bhata, Basant, Sangram, Patita, Bhabi (1938), Durga, Kala Patthar, Indian Lady, Jeevan Prabhat, Hamari Baat, Anand, Aurangzeb, Bemisaal, Mamta, Sipahi, Milan, Naya Sansar, Anjaan, Adalat, Aandolan, Zindagi, Zamindar, Kanjoos, Ravan, Raja Rani, Phaansi, Kasam, Parakh, Dhobi DoctorDeewana, Darpan, Dr. Kumar, Maa, Khamosh, Nauka Doobi, Talaq, Zakhmi, Maharaja, Nirmala, Vilayati Babu, Dushman, Khandani, Puraskar, Tawaif, Asha, Aandhi, Sadma, Anaath, Loafer, Muqaddar, Prem Kahani, Vachan, Lahore to Calcutta, Navjeevan, Ramdhari B.A., Saudagar, Ghajini, Hero, Sawa Lakh, Pratima, Bulandi, Char Aankhen, Chanakya, Nakli Heera, Lahore, Rail Ka Dibba, Dost, Chhoti Si Duniya, Cinema and many more, Distributed 259 films, Launched over 280 Legends like Ashok KumarLeela ChitnisMadhubala (who began as a child artist and was given her stage name by Rajnarayan Dube himself, Dilip KumarRaj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Leela Chitnis, David Abraham Cheulkar, Phani Majumdar, Gyan Mukherjee, K.A. Abbas, Saadat Hasan Manto, Nabendu Ghosh, Hansa Wadkar, Uttam Kumar, Kedar Sharma, Gemini Ganeshan, P.L. Santoshi, Shakti Samanta, Niranjan Pal, Pt. Narendra sharma, kishor Sahu, P. Jairaj, Asit Sen, Mumtaj Ali, Nalini jaywant, Kamini Kaushal, Snehprabha, Joseph Wirsching, Kanan Devi, Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Shaheed Lateef, Sita Devi, Abhi Bhattacharya, R.D. Mathur, Aghajani KashmiriKamal Bose, Pran, Usha Kiran, Renuka Devi, Munshi Premchand (Written 2 Films for Bombay Talkies), Mukri, Bhagwati charan VermaMehmoodKishore KumarKamal Amrohi, Guru Dutt, SuraiyaBimal Roy, Nitin Bose, Salil Chowdhary, Kavi Pradeep, Franz OstenHrishikesh MukherjeeSashadhar Mukherjee, Asha Bhonsle, Lata MangeshkarSatyajit RayAmiya ChakravartiS. D. BurmanManna DeySaraswati Devi (who was the first woman music director of Asia) and many more, Supported various new theatres such as BN Sircar’s New Theatres in Calcutta, V Shantaram’s Prabhat PicturesHomi Wadia’s Wadia MovietoneSohrab Modi’s Minerva MovietoneLV Prasad’s Prasad Labs and Pictures (Prasad was an ex-technician from Bombay Talkies), SS Vasan’s Gemini Pictures and Mehboob Khan’s theatresTarachand Barjatya’s Rajshri Productions (Barjatya served as a distribution manager for Bombay Talkies for the period of seven years), Constructed 400 Cinema Halls and Financed more than 700 Films. Rajnarayan Dube had also established one of oldest finance company of India, in 1929 named Dube Industries.


Maintaining the legacy and keeping the Nationalistic flavour of Chandrashekhar Azad under the command of military school alumnus and filmmaker Megastar AazaadThe Bombay Talkies Studios released Rashtraputra on 2nd November 2018 which received enormous appreciation from the audience and has praised from the critics after the magnificent triumph of the film. Rashtraputra has grossed a massive business in Indian Box Office.

The magnum opus Rashtraputra flagged on 21st May 2019 at 72nd Festival De Cannes (Marche Du Film), Riviera France. The film earned huge respect at the arena and received enormous applauds and appreciation from global audience and the team Bombay Talkies has successfully premiered the ultimate cinematic creation of filmmaker Megastar Aazaad in the world’s most glamorous and prestigious cine extravaganza and made the country proud. Filmmaker Aazaad along with Kamini DubeThe Bombay Talkies Studios, Bombay Talkies Foundation, Vishwa Sahitya Parishad, World Literature Organization and Aazaad Federation are also ready to showcase the film in 28 Indian and Foreign Languages which is a first time global phenomenon in the history of world cinema.


Movie Credits: Written, Edited & Directed by Aazaad Presented by - Rajnarayan Dube, Vishwa Sahitya Parishad, World Literature Organization and Bombay Talkies Foundation, Nationalist Producer - Kamini Dube, Girish Ghanshyam Dube, The Bombay Talkies Studios, Aazaad Federation, Co Producer - Bombay Talkies Gharana & Bombay Talkies Pictures, Founder -Rajnarayan Dube (1934),  Financed By - Dube Industries, Associate Producer - Dube Company & The Bombay Talkies Ltd., Associate Organization - Bombay Talkies Foundation, Aazaad Federation & World Literature Organization,   Cast - Aazaad, Ruhi Singh, Jamie Lever, Anushka, Vivek Vaswani, Achint Kaur, Aryan Vaid, Rakesh Bedi, Atul Srivastava, Deep Raj Rana, Mohsin Khan, Alpesh Dhakan, Akshay Batchu, Nasirr Jhonny Walker Khan, Raza MuradManish Chaudhary, Zakir Hussain and others, Music Director - Bappi LahiriAazaad, Cinematographer - Sethu Raman, Rajan Lyallpuri & Akashdeep Pandey, Choreographer - Pappu Khanna, Longiness Fernandes & Lolipop Pradhan,  Action Director - Kaushal Moses & Hanif Sheikh,  Lyricist - Goswami Tulsi Das, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Sandip Nath, Singers - Bappi Lahiri, Mika Singh, Ash King, Palak Muchhal, Ram Shankar, Surabhi Singh & Aazaad, Music Label – Bombay Talkies Music.

After the international success of Rashtraputra, legendary film company Bombay Talkies created a mega movie in Indian Ancient Language Sanskrit titled Aham Brahmasmi which is the first mainstream feature film in world history. 6th September 2019, went as a remarkable day for Indian Cinema, as Kashi witnessed a historic moment with the first screening of Aham Brahmasmi, Aazaad became the first Nationalist Megastar of India and marked his great presence among the Sanskrit lovers. The cine lovers had welcome Megastar Aazaad’s movie of creating cinematic extravaganza in Dev Bhasha Sanskrit. Viewers of all ages witnessed the mega show with the Writer, Editor, Music Director, Director and lead actor Megastar Aazaad with chanting “Har Har Mahadev”, “Kashi Bum-Bum Bol Raha Hai” and “Jayatu Jayatu Sanskritam” as if Aham Brahmasmi is not merely a movie but a cultural yagna. The great purpose of Aham Brahmasmi is to rejuvenate the Indian ancient language and to create meaningful relevant and thought provoking cinema. The world of today will acquaint with the forgotten languages and traditions. Our ambition is to entertain and unite the global audience by means of cinema.


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