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Vishwa Sahitya Parishad, one of the oldest organization of World was established by the Spiritually illuminated, Revolutionary by her very soul, Literary activist, Dreamer of independent India and absolute sanatani woman Kumari Chhavi Devi in 1922.

Kumari Chhavi Devi was an educated, progressive and nationalist noble Indian woman. She knew the meaning and significance of education-knowledge-dignity by her pedigreed upbringing. After the defeat and disaster of Gandhi's Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-1922), there was an atmosphere of great disappointment in the hearts of nationalists. A mere recalling of one’s past glory was sufficient to cause for the journey to the gallows. The destiny of the nationalist hearts was death.

During the British era in India, printing and publishing of Nationalist ideas were considered as an inexcusable crime for the then publishing institutions. The publishing institutions were occupied by the British government's immoral regime. In these adverse conditions, with the ultimate hard-bitten determination of nationalism, Kumari Chhavi Devi founded the Vishwa Sahitya Parishad. The great objective of this great institution was to provide a platform for bold and truth-based writings of the revolutionaries. Kumari Chhavi Devi stood against the all-powerful conspiracy of the British Empire whose objectives and intentions were to conquer, defile and pollute the very essence of the ultimate truth of Sanatan Bharat along with the nationalistic divine energy by any means Trick-proxy-skill. But, countered with all odds Kumari Chhavi Devi made her absolute dream come true.

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