• Rashtraputra

Hospital will be built In Bhadohi, as well as Traitors, Corrupt will go to Jail -Megastar Aazaad

International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit, a student of Military School, conferred with the title of Sanskrit Mahanayak by Dharma Sangha Shiksha Mandalam, carrying the personality of the great revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad through the film Rashtraputra, making the first mainstream Sanskrit film in the world.

Megastar Aazaad, who brightened the name of India, said that Bhadohi's district hospital would have been built a few years before today, if the contractors born in Bhadohi had not cloaked from their birthplace and created a sea of corruption. Annoyed by the scandal and the dishonesty of the contractors, Aazaad said that the whole world is affected by Corona and we have to defeat an epidemic like it. But unfortunately we do not have a hospital. Every government has done its work by allocating crores of rupees for Bhadohi hospital, but the unbridled greed of Bhadohi's leaders and contractors put that work in the pit.

Need a Bhadohidistrict hospital? Bhadohi residents will do whatever movement is needed to complete it. Now the entire Bhadohi district has woken up and stands together to construct the district hospital. It is very sad that the women, children and old people of Bhadohi district depend on other districts for their treatment. This Revoultion is not only for the construction of the district hospital, but against the contractors who used to grab the funds of Bhadohi district hospital given by the Uttar Pradesh government and against the leaders. Action should also be taken against those who betray their motherland and their property should be attached.



















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