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On the 20 th. August, 2017 a rare of the rarest event of history was organized by ABVP (AKHIL BHARTIYA VIDARTHI PARISHAD) in the JNU campus. Till the very near past the JNU campus was in the news for spreading anti national slogans by anti national communist gang. But with the arrival of nationalist thinker, philosopher and writer Aazaad the atmosphere has changed from darkness to full moon night. Aazaad with his fearless and strong army like presence caused a panic among the seditious leftists. Aazaad roared like a sanatani lion and the leftist rats hide inside their hideouts. The whole JNU campus was charged with nationalistic vibrations. In the recent past the whole nation witnessed the anti national behavior with the slogans like Bharat kii barbadi tak jung rahegi, Hindustan tere tukde honge inshaallah… Inshaallah etc. by the intellectual morons like the left brigade.

Aazaad has attacked on the very existence of the traitors working inside our motherland funded by Pakistan. Aazaad warned strongly to the anti national elements to stop this nonsense or be ready to face the consequences. In front of thousands of students in the JNU campus Aazaad defined the concept of Bharat. Aazaad said that Bharat is not merely a piece of clay...Bharat is a living and awaken symbol of godliness. Bharat is for worship. Every drop of this Bharat is as pious and as scientific as the water of mother Ganges... Every rubble and pebble has the capacity to become the god of death i.e. Shiva. Aazaad warned in his baritone that whoever is ready to worship our motherland, he is an integral part of our family. But who is not willing to participate in the cultural nationalism. He will not be spared or tolerated.

Those people who want to convert the motherland into hellfire will not get a place in hell. Aazaad explained in the clear words that Aazaad is not merely a combination of five elements. Aazaad is an eternal thought...He is free like air…he has a flow like water. Aazaad is beyond life and death an experience of deathlessness.

Aazaad showed his deep concern about the prestigious leading academic institution like JNU is polluted, used and treated as a training center for sedition by some left-leaning infections and anti-national parasite brokers. Aazaad expressed his happiness to see the enthusiasm and patriotism of the students of JNU...Thousands of JNU students on the call of Aazaad chanted VANDE MATARAM and JAI HIND in full aggression to purify the atmosphere of JNU premises. This was the last warning for the traitor left brigade.

In the atmosphere of excitement, Aazaad released the first look and trailer of Hindi and Sanskrit versions of his much anticipated film RASHTRAPUTRA (HINDI) & AHAM BRAHMASMI (SANSKRIT) produced by legendary film company The Bombay Talkies Studios established by pillar of Indian Cinema, Rajnarayan Dube (Estd. 1934) along with Kamini Dube who is one of the eminent female personalities of India. JNU students thanked Aazaad for the noble purpose of cultural nationalism.

It is notable that the RASHTRAPUTRA created by the military school student Aazaad is going to be released in twenty-eight languages ​​of India and the world. It seems that through this historic program organized under the aegis of ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) at JNU campus, Aazaad has created a student revolution to counter the traitor community inside the country. Aazaad's one line philosophy of life is that of lord Rama "Mother and motherland are superior to Heaven." Beware, Pseudo left intellectuals of JNU!


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