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Kashi is charged with Aham brahmasmi

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Today the second day of Aham Brahmasmi. The city of Lord Shiva and mother Ganges are excited enough to meet its very roots through Sanskrit. It seems that mother Ganges is expressing her joy with her uproaring waves. the whole city of Kashi is filled and charged with the chantings of Aham Brahmasmi, Har Har Mahadev and jayatu jayatu sanskritam. Aham Brahmasmi the masterpiece created by nationalist filmmaker Aazaad and premiered a day before is getting stronger show by show. The public support and response that the first mainstream Sanskrit movie is getting is beyond imagination and the film certified openly that the foreign invaders and our indigenous enemies of spiritualism and culture were completely failed to uproot us. We are very much in contact with our godly culture and traditions. All the conspiracy theories and acts have fallen flat badly.

On the second day of its screening Aham Brahmasmi is going stronger as class and mass viewers are coming from nearby places to watch Aham Brahmasmi and become a part of this historical event. The universities and educational institutions are excited enough and claiming it as the history in making. IP Sigra mall has become a spiritual Centre and Centre of cultural renaissance for the people of Kashi. After watching Aham Brahmasmi the viewers coming out from the auditorium repeating Sanskrit dialogues with each other. This type of activities is repeating after decades. The lead actor and filmmaker Aazaad is treated like a real-life hero, a respected member of family and a self-styled crusader of Sanskrit. The very presence of Aazaad among the viewers is creating waves. The success of Aham Brahmasmi is the proof that if a film reunites its audience with their roots then success is inevitable.


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