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Aazaad has achieved his life time ambition and fulfill his aim to serve comprehensively the deep rooted Sanatan culture and the language of God’s, Sanskrit. His latest creation Aham Brahmasmi, the first mainstream Sanskrit film of world cinema is ready for the awakened and enlightened as well as the inherent of the sages. It’s a great movement for the meaningful mainstream cinema as Aham Brahmasmi is ​going to be premiered at the city of lord Shiva, the cultural and spiritual capital of the world – Kashi(Varanasi). With great enthusiasm and pride the legendary film company The Bombay Talkies Studios announcing the great event will take place at IP Mall Sigra on 6th of Sep 2019, 06:50 pm onwards.

This is to be the first time phenomenon of the film tradition, that a mainstream movie in Sanskrit is finally going to see the day of the light and it will be watched by the world audience.

The mega film Aham Brahmasmi is created by a military school alumnus and much internationally acclaimed filmmaker Aazaad whose previous masterpiece Rashtraputra was screened at the prestigious 72nd Cannes International Film Festival. A new era of cinema is already started, be a part of it.


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